Hybrid Conference

The virtual conference has to be adapted during the coronavirus pandemic, even after the world is recovery from COVID-19, traveling for a physical conference could still be tricky.  Therefore, our CAMME 2023 conference will be held as hybrid conference, attendees can attend the conference virtually from anywhere or even opt to visit the physical venue.

  • How to attend the conference virtually?

  • For authors:

It is much like the regular conference except you do not have to travel to the conference site. Authors are eligible to make an online presentation after their manuscripts passed the peer review, the acceptance letter with registration form will be sent to you, mark yourself as an online presenter in the registration form then we will be noted.  

  • For listeners:

Our CAMME 2023 conference is open to listener registration, both physically and virtually. 

Listeners please download the registration form in which you could find participation terms as onsite and virtual are available for selection, simply mark the best one for you. Our conference secretary will confirm with you once received your registration 

  • Virtual Presentation Fees


   IASED Member  

  USD 350  


USD 380


USD 320


USD 250


USD 200

  • What should you prepare for a virtual conference?

  • Equipment needs:

1. Computer/laptop

2. Camera (built in or external)

3. Microphone (built in or external)

4. Smooth and stable internet ( it is essential to make sure your internet is stable in order to get the best quality)

  • Tests

Test everything before the conference, we will run a test with all online attendees before the conference to make sure all settings are in a good place.

  • Virtual Platform

WebEx Meeting

We will send a meeting invitation link to online attendees to involve in the conference, a paid account is not necessary for attendees. 

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Ms. Sukki. Chiang

Email: info@camme.org

Tel:+852-30696823 (English)

Monday-Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-6:00pm